Social Responsibility

It is a primary need and is part of our success. Our company is committed in taking a responsible role towards the community, our colleagues and the environment.

TO THE COMMUNITY Looking to share our success with the needy through programs that are committed to helping others.

TO OUR PARTNERS The training of our colleagues is a process that should be seen as an investment. Within this process of formation, it is essential to learn to identify the colleagues with highest potential and give them growth opportunities.

TOWARDS THE ENVIRONMENT We only have one planet is our home and we have an obligation to take care of it.
We are fully committed in protecting the environment and it is our duty not only to comply with all regulations for environmental protection but, it is our commitment to develop environmentally friendly technologies that do not impact the natural balance of the planet.


We give you some tips for home recycling:

EMPTY YOUR CONTAINERS After use, empty your containers and smash them to take less space so you can accumulate more waste.

CLASSIFY IN DIFFERENT CONTAINERS Each of the containers used for a specific material. This facilitates the process of sorting in the recycling plants.

REUSE CONTAINERS THAT are ALLOW Many containers can be reused for many other purposes, this will help reduce the amount of waste. Make sure this container is allowed for recycling, check labels warning about not recycling this specific containers.